This android sdk requires android developer toolkit version or above. Current version is Please update ADT to the latest version. Android All. This android sdk requires android developer toolkit version or above. J'​ai aussi essayé de télécharger manuellement l'ADT et de. Learn about the Android SDK Tools component for the Android SDK. SDK Tools, Revision (June ). Dependencies: Android SDK Platform-tools.

Nom: android developer toolkit version 23.0.0
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Vous pouvez développer une plateforme pour voir ses composants et ceux qui sont installés en cliquant sur la flèche à gauche de la plateforme. Any existing projects that you build with Ant must be updated with the android update project command. Issue Fixed a problem with the -snapshot-list command line option on bit systems. Issue Fixed a problem with the command line lint script. Il ne plaisante pas avec le.

Download the latest version of Android SDK for Windows. Google would use to make the jump to the mobile sector, its developers' toolkit was made available. Cette Android SDK nécessite Android Developer Toolkit version ou Après le téléchargement de la dernière ADT à partir du site web, il semblerait qu'​il y. Ce SDK Android nécessite Android Developer Toolkit version ou Après le téléchargement de la dernière ADT à partir du site web.

Added support for WebP image decoding. Added support for ETC2 texture decompression. Added simulated vertical swipes for scrolling through vertical menus with a mouse wheel. General Notes: To improve the security of the Android Emulator and to address a reported security vulnerability, the Android Emulator Console now requires authentication before you can enter commands.

Added SMP support to take advantage of host multi-core architecture when emulating Android 6.

Also with SMP support, you can test apps that specifically target multi-core Android devices. See speed improvements up to five times faster than using a physical device.

Extended UI controls and a floating toolbar provide easy access to features previously available only through the command line, such as taking screen captures, adjusting the battery level, rotating the screen, and managing virtual calls. Dynamically resize the emulator by dragging a corner or zoom into the emulator window.

Simulate multi-touch input. The Android Emulator works best with Android Studio 2. To find out more about what's included in the newest version of the official Android IDE, read the release notes.

Read the documentation to find out more about using the Android Emulator.


SDK Platform-tools, Revision General Notes: Fixed a problem where the emulator title bar was hidden off screen. Issue Enabled the emulator to resize the user data partition by including e2fsprogs binaries. General Notes: Updated the emulator so it can display an upgrade notification when a new version is available.

Added the ability for the emulator to send basic crash reports. You must opt-in through Android Studio preferences to enable crash report transmission. General Notes: Added support for Android 6. Emulator: Improved emulator performance on multi-core Windows desktops. Added support for emulators with dpi and dpi screen resolutions.

Improved support for GLES 2. Fixed several issues with GPU emulation support. Added support for setting the storage size on emulators using Android 4. Issue Fixed problem with sending long SMS messages between emulators. Issue Fixed issue with emulator getting incorrect time from location objects.

Issue Added handling for unusual characters in paths and file names when starting emulators. Fixed the emulator boot problem on Mac OS X Caution: This release is known to contain issues which prevent builds from completing. We strongly recommend that you update to SDK Tools General Notes: Fixed several minor emulator issues. Fixed memory leaks in emulator system. General Notes: Fixed Java detection issue on bit Windows systems. General Notes: Added support for Android Studio 1.

If you haven't already, update your ADT Plugin to If you are developing outside Eclipse, you must have Apache Ant 1. General Notes: Fixed Windows bit compilation issue.

General Notes: Added ProGuard. Added the proguard-android. Renamed the lombok-ast General Notes: Added the Android Wear tools and system images.

General Notes: Fixed an issue with the x86 emulator that caused Google Maps to crash. Issue Fixed minor OpenGL issues.


Issue Fixed a problem with Nexus 5 Android virtual devices created from the command line where the SD card file system was read-only.

Issue Fixed a problem with virtual devices created using ADT Fixed a problem with the command line tools when creating virtual devices. Issue Fixed a problem with the command line lint script. Known Issues: When you create an Android virtual device using the Nexus 5 device definition, you must enable the Use Host GPU option, otherwise the virtual device will not start.

We will release an updated version of the tools with a fix for this issue as soon as possible. Added support for Java 7 language features like multi-catch, try-with-resources, and the diamond operator. These features require version 19 or higher of the Build Tools.

Try-with-resources requires minSdkVersion 19; the rest of the new language features require minSdkVersion 8 or higher. Added new lint checks: Look for code potentially affected by a SecureRandom vulnerability.


Check that calls to checkPermission use the return value. Check that production builds do not use mock location providers. Look for manifest values that are overwritten by values from Gradle build scripts. Fixed a number of minor issues in the SDK and build system. Emulator: Fixed a problem with the emulator shutting down immediately for Android 1. Issue Fixed a problem with port numbers longer than four digits. Issue Fixed a problem with paths or arguments that contain spaces on Windows platforms.

Issue Fixed a problem with long path values on Windows platforms.

Issue Fixed a problem with the -snapshot-list command line option on bit systems. Issue Fixed an issue with RenderScript support. Using RenderScript support mode now requires version General Notes: Added support for Android 4. Fixed a number of minor bugs in the SDK and build system. General Notes: Fixed problem with templates that causes the new project wizard to hang.

GPS Signal + Compass

Issue Fixed crash when using the lint command line tool because of mis-matched library dependency. General Notes: Updated build tools to allow use of RenderScript on older versions of Android using new features in the Support Library.

Lint Fixed problem with lint not detecting custom namespaces. Issue Fixed problem with the XML report including invalid characters. Issue Fixed command-line execution of lint to work in headless mode to support execution by build servers. Issue Improved support for path names with spaces in the Windows command-line tools.

If you haven't already, update ADT to If you are developing without an integrated development environment IDE , you must have Apache Ant 1. Updated Systrace to work with the Android 4. Fixed packaging of RenderScript compiler. Build tools General Notes: Fixed problem with compiling RenderScript code. Issue Fixed a problem with the monkeyrunner tool failing to import standard python classes. Issue Fixed a problem with DDMS monitor not opening heap and network statistics views due to a class not found exception.

This change decouples the build tools versions from the IDE versions, allowing updates to the tools without requiring an IDE update. Updated tools to allow libraries to share the same package name as the applications that use them.


Updated draw9patch tool to allow easier changing of markers. Added new Lint checks, including checks for layout consistency, RelativeLayout siblings, Parcel creator, JavaScript interfaces, Service casting, quantity strings, manifest typos, orientation tags in layouts, overlapping names for 9-patches and images, and class existence checks.

Released some of the Android tools into Maven Central to assist third-party tool developers. Bug fixes: Fixed a number of minor bugs in the SDK and build system.

General Notes: Improved error reporting in dx when dex merging fails in the build system. Added more than 15 new Lint checks, including checks for overriding older APIs, XML resource problems, graphic asset issues and manifest tags.

Mise à jour de l'Éclipse avec Android outils de développement v. 23

Added new aapt feature to compile resources. General Notes: Build Updated build to detect and handle package name conflicts between an application and the libraries it depends on.

Cela va ajouter ces 2 articles de la "Fenêtre" dans le menu pour le point de vue actuel Java. Je n'ai pas de déplacer l'extrait "sdk" le dossier, parce que j'ai déjà eu répertoire du sdk dans le même répertoire que eclipse, j'en ai déjà la dernière mise à jour Android outils.

Mais si il vous fait vous sentir plus en sécurité, vous pouvez également renommer votre ancien dossier sdk à des fins de sauvegarde et déplacer le fraîchement extrait de l'un à sa place. Original L'auteur derekg 3 J'ai connu le même problème et résolu. Vous devez désinstaller la Android plugin entièrement au sein d'Eclipse à partir de la section "à propos"..

Le problème est résolu! Original L'auteur user 3 Comment mettre à jour à partir de Cela permettra de battre les problèmes de dépendance. Je souffre de ce problème depuis des jours, et j'ai essayé de chaque solution unique sur ce lien, mais pas de chance.

Ubuntu – Détails du paquet android-sdk-platform-tools-common dans xenial

J'ai finalement trouvé une solution qui fonctionne réellement! Veuillez noter que cette solution fonctionne sous Windows 7 64 bits. Il doit probablement travailler pour d'autres systèmes d'exploitation Windows. Tandis qu'à l'intérieur du dossier "plugins" de votre nouvelle Éclipse, faire de la recherche. Type de Le résultat de la recherche affichera tous les fichiers ou des dossiers avec Par exemple, com. N'oubliez pas de sauvegarder avant de tenter. Original L'auteur Dante 2 Ce que je viens de trouver, c'est que vous devez mettre à jour votre plugin ADT dans votre Eclipse que ce soit de manière autonome ou ADT Bundle avant de mettre à jour votre outil de construction.

Si votre Eclipse points d'installation de la plus récente génération de l'Outil et de votre Eclipse est d'avoir ADT Ce qui a fonctionné pour moi: sur Ubuntu