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He died soon afterwards without being able to execute the reforms for which his supporters had hoped. Kev Adams dans Salut les terriens Sexe, drogue et rocknroll. Kiff no beat — Téléphone ft Shado Chris. Mohammed Diaa — Tahadro Fiya. But who might be the composer of this music both elusive and allusive? For him, life was never more exciting than during the glorious successes of his youthful years when his alluring charm was a passe-partout to every great house.

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Massenet was very good to me. He never lost a chance to introduce me to influential people, to speak to me of his friends—to invite me out—he was absolutely charming. He even sang one of my songs for my composition exam at the conservatoire and it was quite a success with the judges.


At the age of thirteen Reynaldo composed the immortal Hugo setting Si mes vers avaient des ailes which was published a little later by Le Figaro and became an instant favourite. The famous writer invited Reynaldo to come and sing to him in order to allay the painful sufferings of a spinal disease brought on by syphilis.

Verlaine himself was present on this occasion. Although prematurely aged and ill he was able to hear these old verses of his receive a musical life which he could understand.


By the age of nineteen Reynaldo had written quite a number of songs about love, but his worldly sophistication in the fields of music, literature and painting hid a great shyness about his private feelings. As one can tell by his gallant courting of old divas, women adored him, and there was one, three years older than him, who was according to him his ideal.

He loved her at a distance all his life. The other woman friend of Hahn was more colourful—none other than the grande horizontale Liane de Pougy, celebrated beauty and courtesan. She was once discovered in flagrante delicto by one of her husbands—a soldier—and he shot her in each buttock in revenge. It is certain that Reynaldo never even glimpsed these wounds of love.


My Reynaldo, you are quite right, I was your momentary distraction, you are the passer-by and nothing more. In at Réveillon, the home of the painter Madeleine Lemaire, Hahn met a man three years older than himself—a writer it would perhaps be more accurate to say an aspiring writer who was much less well-known than Reynaldo.

He was highly strung and snobbish this Marcel Proust, and people doubted whether he would ever do anything worthwhile with his life. They collaborated on a work for reciter and piano about painters, they went on holiday together in Brittany and to Venice where the composer wrote his enchanting Venezia cycle recorded by Anthony Rolfe Johnson on Hyperion CDH During this period Hahn developed his own literary skills.

Je M'en Fous

He was to become, and remain, one of the best of all writers about music and musicians, particularly in the field of vocal studies. Actors and singers fascinated him, although he always preferred to be in touch with celebrated names from the past and was highly critical of his contemporaries. Sarah Bernhardt was at first his idol he was taken to see her act when he was six or seven and he became her friend and wrote a book about her. Another older legend was Pauline Viardot, opera singer, daughter of Garcia, sister of Malibran, friend of Berlioz and mistress of Turgenev: In she comes, rather round-shouldered, very affable.

Her famous ugliness is toned down by age. Her white hair is soft, thick and pretty. Her eyes are touched with eye-shadow.

Big mouth brimming with laughter, voice of a healthy old woman, low and sonorous. She tells me that in Granada, where she sang Norma, the enthusiastic public, after the performances, had clamoured for Spanish songs. One of her partners had to have a piano brought on stage so that she could sing vitos and peteneras still in her Druid costume.

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From to Proust wrote Jean Santeuil, an autobiographical novel in which Hahn figures as the eponymous hero. Though unfinished and ill-constructed, it shows awakening genius and foreshadows À la recherche du temps perdu.

Those idyllic two years were perhaps the only time that either artist had a relationship with a real equal. Proust left Reynaldo for the next young man, Lucien Daudet, but as the writer shook off his dilettante way of life and worked obsessively on his great novel, Hahn remained a friend.

The elegant and lightweight companions of their later lives were to prove no match for either of them; the lack of intellectual stimulus in a loving relationship was to be keenly felt by both composer and writer. He became a noteworthy conductor Maggie Teyte averred that he was the greatest of all Mozartians and was willing to accompany the handful of singers he admired as correctly schooled his books on singing show a merciless impatience with anything but the highest technical accomplishment and he broadened his compositional thrust.


As a youngster he had measured himself as a composer of mélodies against Massenet, Saint-Saëns and Fauré but as the bandwagon of the avant garde rolled ruthlessly through the twenties and thirties leaving him far behind although there was a musical flirtation with Diaghilev he took refuge in show business.

As there seemed to be less and less interest in his own serious music he turned to the world of operetta which has a timeless appeal and which turns the clock back with impunity. He was now spoken of in the same breath as Messager and Yvain, masters of operetta. He had some of his greatest successes in the twenties and thirties collaborating with famous names like Sacha Guitry and Yvonne Printemps, but nothing could bring back the times when great poets had likened him to a young Apollo.

Bit by bit he turned into a crusty old bachelor. Modern life seemed increasingly to fill him with bile; nothing could match the achievements and standards of his youth.

Hahn had always loved travel and his journeys from country to country are documented in his diary. It is as if a certain melancholy in the composer made him prefer to be somewhere else in his mind. Just like his exact contemporary Fritz Kreisler, Hahn had a deft skill in evoking or suggesting different periods in musical history.